Nationwide Freedom Stickers

July 22, 2015

We are experiencing some exciting times here at In Our Backyard! I want to tell you about our Freedom Stickers program.

Last December I was at our state capitol working on some anti-human trafficking legislative matters. Oregon State Representative Gail Whitsett and her legislative aide, Kelsey Ferry saw the stickers we have been using here in Central Oregon for several years. They, decided to write a bill surrounding these stickers. HB3143 passed with no opposition and soon every business that has a liquor license in the state of Oregon will receive these stickers to put up, with their renewal.

But where will they be placed? Sometimes inside a bathroom stall is the only place a victim of human trafficking is alone. That is where these stickers designed to be placed. They contain not only the human trafficking hotline (888-3737-888) where they can call for help, but a text for help, BeFree (233733). A victim/survivor of human trafficking can be in the privacy of a bathroom stall, text for help, and then erase that text so her trafficker can’t find it, all before she leaves the bathroom stall with help on the way.

Additionally, with the release of my greatly revised book, In Our Backyard, I have done multiple national radio interviews in the last month and we are receiving requests for the stickers from all across the nation.

I have attached a picture of the signing of HB3143 with our governor below and in an upcoming newsletter we will release the first pictures of our newly designed stickers.

We are currently looking for donations to help fund a staff person to oversee this program and get stickers inside critical bathroom stalls across the nation. If you or anyone you know would like to receive stickers for distribution or donate to this program please reply to this email and we will gladly help you facilitate your response.

Thanks for your heart to stop this atrocity in our backyard.