This young teen made the right choice

September 23, 2015

As the school buses once again fill the streets with kids on their way to and from school I am reminded of the importance of making our kids aware of the schemes used by human traffickers to lure them. School should be a safe haven for kids, but today that isn’t always the case.

I was also reminded of an incident that took place involving my great-niece. Last Spring, while in eighth grade, she received a message on her Kik account that appeared to be from her dad. The message had his name, and policeman’s badge number. Under normal circumstances she would have assumed it was her dad and responded. Fortunately my niece’s family has had several conversations about the use of social media by human traffickers looking to lure unsuspecting kids. My great-nice did not respond but instead sent a text to her mom to tell her about the message. They did not discover who the message was from, but it was another teachable moment in which the reality of what my niece had been talking about could have actually happened. What happened next, was also a good choice on the part of my great-niece, she shared what happened with her peers.

Peer to peer is a very effective way to convey the message about the existence of human trafficking in America and what all of us, including our teens, can do to stop it.

Over the past few months I have come across several articles (by other hero’s in the fight ~ reporters and journalists) about some pretty extraordinary things that American’s teens are doing to combat human trafficking. It is my hope that you will have the time to click on the links in the right hand column and read about that these amazing kids and their courage to take a stand against these atrocities.

-Sherry Schwartz