Hero in the Fight: Feb

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Hero in the Fight: Feb

Brave is a catalytic event for conversation and connection.  This is a one day event people come together to remind a very specific demographic that they are worth celebrating:  girls 12-18 who are Foster Care.

These girls are vulnerable and susceptible to violence and coercion in illegal and sexually explicit behavior.

BRAVE is a preventative event to remind these girls that they are valuable, lovable, and to encourage them to dream big dreams for what their futures can be.  They come to this event, and in turn join a group of other girls who will be mentored in intentional ways by someone who desires to show them that life can be different than what they’ve know.  

Through this process, these girls will learn more about who they are and who’s they are.  Then, if someone with sinister intentions attempts to encourage or force them into damaging behaviors, these girls will stop in their tracks and say, “You can’t do that to me.  That is what you do to an oppressed person, and I am free.”

It is the hope of BRAVE that this event will change a generation.  It has the potential to change the statistics for girls who end up being sexually exploited, who have babies too young, and to encourage girls to become whatever they are meant to be

If you would like to be part of this movement and host an event in your community, please email Captain Lisa Barnes at