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In connection with our year-round anti-trafficking efforts, IN OUR BACKYARD (IOB) works to eradicate sex trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl through partnerships with top law enforcement, nonprofits and government agencies in host cities across America.


Linking Freedom In Our Backyard: Atlanta, GA 01/26/2019

Linking Freedom In Our Backyard Event Details

As a part of our 10-day operation, we host Linking Freedom In Our Backyard; a one-day public awareness and outreach event in which we invite volunteers from the host city to participate in. Every year, missing children and victims of human trafficking are recovered because of this outreach and individuals are inspired to turn awareness into year-round action to stop human trafficking!

  • Event Components:
    • Program & Training: The beginning of the event will include a presentation on human trafficking and what usually happens with human trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl. It will conclude with training and preparation for the outreach component.
    • Outreach: The second portion of the event will involve volunteer teams of 2-4 people driving to local businesses (primarily convenience stores) on assigned routes and distributing key awareness materials, including Freedom Stickers and Missing Children’s Books. These businesses become eyes and ears in the community to spot human trafficking and save lives. The outreach is immediately following the training and will be completed the same day.
  • When: January 26th, 2019, 8:30am-2:30pm
    • Check-in & Resource Fair — 8:30am
    • Program & Training — 9:15am
    • Outreach — 11:30am – 2:30pm
  • Where: Mt. Paran Church: 2055 Mt. Paran Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Please note: participants MUST register in order to volunteer for Linking Freedom In Our Backyard. 

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Super Bowl & Human Trafficking

Statements have been made that the Super Bowl is the largest human trafficking event. Some have also asserted that sex trafficking does not increase surrounding the Super Bowl. These are both myths. Human trafficking happens 365 days a year in every zip code in the United States and does increase surrounding large events. We do know the party atmosphere surrounding any large event such as a concert, convention, or sporting competition can lead to an increase in the purchase of adults and even children for sex. Traffickers may bring victims from out of town to satisfy the increase in demand from sex buyers. They also capitalize on the energy generated by the event to lure unsuspecting event-goers as new victims.

Celebrating a decade of work surrounding the Super Bowl!

Houston Super Bowl 2017

2019 is IN OUR BACKYARD’s 10th year of conducting our program surrounding the Super Bowl. The purpose is to create a pathway of FREEDOM for those trapped in human trafficking. The goal of the cooperative efforts is to bring attention to this atrocity and come alongside the host community as we take coordinated and effective action to stop human trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl and beyond. IOB recognizes geography, climate, politics, culture, socioeconomic, gender, and racial factors have implications on how we collaboratively address human trafficking. IOB’s objectives for this program are to:


  • Bring nine years of expertise to the host community about what “normally” happens regarding human trafficking at large events, dispel myths, and share best practices from previous years

  • Reach out to and aid in recovery of victims of human trafficking through safe and coordinated efforts with law enforcement, government agencies, and reputable service providers

  • Train and mobilize the business community, with particular emphasis on convenience stores in conjunction with IOB’s Convenience Stores Against Trafficking program, to recognize and safely report missing and endangered children and potential trafficking situations

  • Conduct a community-wide outreach event (Linking Freedom In Our Backyard), distributing Freedom Stickers and Missing Children Booklets, to raise public awareness of human trafficking and empower individuals to take well-informed, safe and meaningful action to stop human trafficking

  • Raise awareness in the host city by offering speakers for events who have extensive experience both in anti-human trafficking efforts and how those efforts intersect with Super Bowl

  • Work to raise awareness of the truth about human trafficking through interviews and media coverage, both locally and nationwide

Highlights & Victories from Linking Freedom In Our Backyard 2018:

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    • Please note: IOB has no way of knowing if our literature directly led to the recovery tips, but now these youth are safe!

  • 1500 Freedom Stickers were posted in convenience stores throughout the Twin Cities, providing a pathway to freedom for victims of human trafficking

  • 2500 Missing Children’s Books were distributed across the Twin Cities metro

  • More than 200 volunteers were educated about human trafficking in Minnesota,
                 Super Bowl 2018 Volunteers

    surrounding large events and daily across the nation. Volunteers engaged to take well-informed and meaningful action through outreach to convenience stores

  • Volunteers shared excitedly about the value of the program and their appreciation for being able to play a vital role to stopping human trafficking: Check out their videos below:



What can you do the other 364 days of the year? 

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