An estimated one third of the small number of slaves freed in the U.S. each year are delivered from forced servitude because someone noticed something didn’t look right and chose to report it instead of walking away. – Kevin Bales

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Don’t worry if you missed Nita’s broadcast  “How to Keep Your Family Safe” covering issues of both labor and sex trafficking.

You can still listen here.

Learn 6 Family Safety tips and how to spot the signs of Human Trafficking.

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline: 1.888.3737.888
or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)



Nita Belles’ book, In Our Backyard, has raised awareness for thousands, and as a result, USA Today, CNN, Fox Files and others have interviewed her to further the cause. Her work also includes anti-trafficking efforts surrounding Super Bowl and legislative efforts. Purchase it through our Merchandise Page.



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