Stop Human Trafficking

Georgia links arms with IN OUR BACKYARD to fight human trafficking through Convenience Stores Against Trafficking (CSAT)


Georgia Association of Convenience Stores has partnered with IN OUR BACKYARD’s program, CSAT, to train their store employees how to identify signs of human trafficking and to post Freedom Stickers, containing the National Human Trafficking Hotline number, in their public restroom stalls. 


“Though human trafficking occurs every day throughout Georgia, events such as the Super Bowl, which is being held in Atlanta in less than six months, attract significantly more buyers and sellers to the area, which is why a program such as CSAT is so important now, organizers said.” –Read more on the effort to combat trafficking in convenience stores.


Get Involved at Super Bowl

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline: 1.888.3737.888
or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)

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Stop Human Trafficking
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