Freedom Stickers

Freedom Stickers save lives!

Over 500,000 Freedom Stickers containing the National Human Trafficking hotline are strategically posted in public restrooms nationwide. When a trafficking survivor calls or texts this hotline, they are offered hope and help. 

A 2016 study from Northeastern University found that one of the most effective ways to increase human trafficking arrests is by posting the National Human Trafficking Hotline in public places. A public restroom is a private and safe place for a victim to reach out for help. 


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Over 30,000 convenience stores posting Freedom Stickers reach 4 million people every single day! 

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Our vision is that every restroom in America would post a freedom sticker and you can help! Join over 4,000 volunteers! Request Freedom Stickers for yourself, group, or business today at no cost to post in public restrooms! 

Freedom Stickers were created by IN OUR BACKYARD in collaboration with survivors and first used in Central Oregon in 2011. IN OUR BACKYARD Founder and President, Nita Belles worked in collaboration with Oregon State Representative Gail Whitsett, advising to pass HB 3143 requiring Freedom Stickers go out with every renewed liquor license in the state. Additionally, she worked with Senator Hansell, to pass SB 375 which mandated that an 8.5” X 11” version of Freedom Stickers be placed inside the stall of every rest stop restroom stall in Oregon.


If you would like your state to adopt a bill similar to Oregon’s Freedom Sticker Bills contact

IOB has two Freedom Stickers Bills,

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