Our Approach

Our Vision

We are fighting to create a world where all people are empowered to live in FREEDOM.

Our Mission

IN OUR BACKYARD links arms across Oregon and America to fight human trafficking through education, mobilization, and partnership.





Our DNA (Values)

  • Together: Linking arms with individuals, businesses, and other agencies is essential to stopping human trafficking. Building strong relationships is core to our DNA.

  • The One: Every person has immeasurable value and is worth fighting for – children and adults; victims of sex trafficking and victims of labor trafficking. If our work helps one person, if it prevents one person from becoming trafficked, it is worth it.

  • Fight: Stopping human trafficking involves a fight –  we are doing damage to human trafficking and make it harder to be a trafficker. We are committed to standing in the trenches for the long-haul. There are no quick fixes or white stallion rescues in this battle.

  • Survivor First: Survivors come first. We aim to never do anything that would re-exploit a survivor of human trafficking. We implement response to survivors that understands their trauma. They don’t owe their stories to anyone. We link arms with survivors in every aspect of our work.



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