Survivor Advocacy

Freedom Stickers were created in collaboration with survivors to give victims of human trafficking a message of freedom and hope in one of the only places they are often alone and able to reach out for help.

CSAT was launched in part due to survivors sharing their daily habits and routines while in “the life”. Many survivors have shared that convenience stores were one place they frequented due to hours of operation, accessibility to needed items, and available public restrooms.

IOB developed Teens Against Trafficking after a survivor shared that she wished prevention education existed while in school. Given the information on grooming techniques and how traffickers operate, her life “might have ended up very different.”

Each year, IOB goes to the Super Bowl because survivors say that they were trafficked in large cities and events and because it gives survivors an opportunity to do outreach and speak about their experience to passionate individuals who are linking arms to fight against human trafficking.

Through Training and Mobilization, we work to empower survivors to share their stories if and when they’re ready.

We partner with government agencies and lawmakers to write and pass legislation to protect victims and survivors.

Although we do not offer direct services, as a friend to survivors we often talk to survivors and their family members and help refer to services and providers when contacted.

As of 2020- We are now survivor led by Executive Director, Cheryl Csiky!

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