Super Bowl

In connection with our year-round anti-trafficking work, IN OUR BACKYARD (IOB) has worked for the last 15consecutive years to eradicate sex trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl, as categorized as a Major Event, through partnerships with law enforcement, local nonprofits, and government agencies in host cities across America. IOB was honored to come alongside leaders already doing incredible work to stop human trafficking in the Las Vegas area Highlights of our “TEAM UP IN OUR BACKYARD” collaborative efforts in Las Vegas, NV for SBLVIII 2024 include: 

TRAINING: 200 convenience and corner stores were equipped to recognize and report human trafficking throughout the Las Vegas area. IOB mobilized 878 volunteers in anti-trafficking education and advocacy and outreach training throught the week.

EDUCATION: 10,000 Missing Children’s booklets were distributed predominantly to convenience stores by volunteers throughout the Las Vegas area.

AWARENESS: OVER 40,570 people reached with National Human Trafficking Hotline

MOBILIZATION: Through collaborative efforts, IOB placed 2,500 Freedom Stickers into public restroom stalls that will stay posted beyond the big game creating a pathway to FREEDOM for those trapped in human trafficking.

UP: INCREASED PREVENTION THROUGH PARTNERSHIP: When we prevent one, we prevent many!

16 of the 36 children were reported recovered by NCMEC and Law Enforcement within one week of Super Bowl.

IOB with active top law enforcement, volunteers, advocates, community partners, survivors, ad other collaborative efforts, gathered 623 connections producing 95 verified IOB trafficking leads. These leads serve law enforcement with actionable tips to investigate suspected traffickers through a victim centered approach. Law Enforcement is given all credit. Multiple leads are being further investigated.

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Freedom Stickers create a pathway of FREEDOM for those trapped in human trafficking 365 days a year! 

Special thanks to Daktronics for an amazing new reach with digital signs for convenience stores and other businesses. Over 670,000 Freedom Stickers cover all 50 states with documented recoveries. Freedom Stickers Save Lives! Check out the Daktronics digital sign content library here! 


Human Trafficking happens 365 days a year!

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