What is CSAT Training?

Training Video:

CSAT provides training for c-store employees on how to recognize and safely report human trafficking via this short video.


This video is also available for your website/training platform by request.


Store Reference Sheet:

CSAT provides reference sheets containing indicators of human trafficking and safe response protocols for store employees. Reference sheets are posted in the manager’s office or by the phone to keep key points accessible in case of a suspected trafficking situation.

Freedom Stickers:

Public restrooms are often the only place a victim of human trafficking is alone and safe. C-stores post Freedom Stickers in restroom stalls with the National Human Trafficking Hotline and a message of hope, creating a pathway to freedom for victims from their traffickers. Victims can call or text to arrange a safety plan and connect to services.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline is run by a nongovernmental agency and staffed 24/7 by highly trained advocates. The Hotline has access to more than 200 languages and has procedures in place in all 50 states to ensure that specific law enforcement and service providers who have expertise in human trafficking can respond as needed.


Request an In-Person Training:

CSAT provides experts in human trafficking that are well-versed in the c-store industry for trainings at all-staff meetings and trade shows upon request. In 2018, CSAT has spoken at M-PACT, an IPCA retailer meeting, and WOMA. CSAT is scheduled to speak at the PMAA Executive’s Meeting, POC, and the Southern C-Store Show later this year.

CSAT requests that travel expenses be covered by the hosting company or organization and will award sponsorship benefits for these in-kind contributions. Please fill out this form to request a training.


CSAT is a no-cost program of national 501c3 nonprofit, In Our Backyard, and relies on generous donations and sponsorships.