Angie’s Story

To her neighbors, Angie was just a young mother who loved her children and struggled to provide for them. To her trafficker, C-Note, she was a reliable source of income. In reality, Angie is a normal, smart, and kind human being who was being sold for sex by C-Note to anyone who’d pay, no matter what they did to her. 

C-Note was taking her to her next “date,” when they stopped at a store so he could buy cigarettes. Angie went in the restroom and saw a sticker on the stall door that had a promise of freedom from her abusers if she dialed the number. She pulled out her phone and, ignoring the text from her trafficker, the man who’d sold her for sex day after day for what felt like an eternity, she texted the number. 

Angie’s courage that day to reach out to the National Human Trafficking Hotline led to her and her two small children being recovered from the life she’d been entangled in. She and her kids are now receiving services from their community as they begin their recovery.

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